Shampoo Redo upcycled glass lantern

Shampoo Redo upcycled glass lantern

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Circa 1950 


Though I could not identify the brand, physical features provide clues about its original use. The twist cap closure and oblong, hourglass shape suggest it was made for a non-consumable product such as body lotion, shampoo or even mouthwash. 

The hourglass form was rather popular in the toiletry industry during the 19th century as manufacturers realized the shape was easier to hold with one hand unlike a cylinder or square, especially in wet or steamy situations (ahem, like the shower ya perv!). The elegant curves and quality construction suggest it was made in the 1950s likely by an Illinois-Owens Automated Bottling Machine. 

What’s Inside: Tea light sits on a metal dish removed from a 1950’s clip-on Christmas tree candle holder imported from West Germany.


Local creative Mary Cloutier scours the state of Maine for vintage glass bottles, jewelry, and candlesticks that she refashions into truly one of a kind lanterns. Designed to hold tea lights (real or flameless) but just as lovely hanging out on their own. These unique pieces make thoughtful gifts for any birthday, celebration, or regular old Wednesday.

Made in Maine with love and history.

A note from the maker:

I make lanterns out of historically significant objects that reconnect consumers to Maine and New England’s industrious past. My work is a culmination of an inherited appreciation for antiques and desire to pull these materials out of the waste stream.


Every object has a life cycle, this sequence begins with harvesting raw materials which are manufactured into a product that is sold to consumers. Although this process alters the physical form and intended use of these items, the transformation creates a new chapter in its life cycle I hope never ends.