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Studio Vrylena floral greeting cards

Studio Vrylena floral greeting cards

From our Deering Center neighbor who rode out the early days of the pandemic in Paris with her family while her spouse was on assignment there:

All greeting cards are based on watercolor paintings, made during the first COVID confinement [the French term for lockdown] in spring 2020.

The flower cards are based on a set of paintings I made in April 2020. At the time, during that first confinement, we could only go outside to exercise or take walks within a 1 km radius of our apartments, for less than 1 hour, once a day, with no one but members of our own household. We were required to carry an attestation with us, to be checked by police, with our reason for being outside (the text in French on the backs of the cards is from my own attestation). Parks and gardens were closed.

And yet, all over, little flowers were coming up in the unmaintained green spaces and stretches of road-side around our apartment. Trees budded and leafed, lilacs bloomed, there was a huge patch of jasmine that you could smell from down the street. I started picking a flower or leaf to bring home and paint and remind myself of the spring, beautiful and insistent, unfolding outside my apartment.

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