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Florian the Bashful Blueberry stitchin' kit

Florian the Bashful Blueberry stitchin' kit

FLORIAN - (he/him) Florian sometimes gets a little embarrassed when he’s socializing in large groups, but he loves deep conversations with his close friends Marta the Marvelous Mushroom and Frida the Unstoppable Avocado. His favorite album is a toss up between Miles Davis’s ‘Kind of Blue’ and Joni Mitchell’s ‘Blue’.

Practice your slow stitching and make yourself a friend or five! These sweet projects are designed and assembled near Denver, Colorado by the passionate crafters at Heron Hill Stitch Co.

Each stitchin' kit includes:

  • wool felt
  • cotton stuffing
  • sewing needle
  • thread
  • pattern pieces
  • instruction booklet

Appropriate for ages 7 and beyond! (Ages 5-6 with adult help)

A note from the makers, Aleks, Shawna, and Allison:

We had kids aged 7 years and up in mind when we were creating our kits, but 5 and 6 year olds can accomplish them with the help of an adult. Our kits are for adults, too! You just need the skills of a beginner and the willingness to give it a try. We think that hand-sewing and working with soft things can offer a bit of respite from all that we face in our daily lives and everyone can benefit from an adorable wooly friend.

We’ve taken care to select the finest natural materials for our kits to encourage anyone who does them to deepen their connection with nature. We have designed our packaging to be compact to reduce waste and we’ve kept it lightweight, minimizing our shipping weights, to reduce our carbon footprint. Nature makes amazing things and we thank you for helping us respect this planet that we share.

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