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iDye for natural fabrics

iDye for natural fabrics

When that top in your closet fits you just right but the color doesn't make your heart sing...

When you want to customize your fabric stash...

When you want to give your faded jeans new life...

iDye to the rescue!

A hot water dye that produces brilliant colors on any natural fabric, iDye may be used on the stovetop or in the washing machine on the hottest cycle. iDye comes in a dissolvable packet, so there are never any messy powders to handle: simply dissolve the packet in the dye bath or drop it in the washer, then add the fabric.

  • For most 100% natural fabrics (cotton, linen, canvas, rayon, silk). Not recommended for wool, though.
  • Dyes 2-3 lbs of dry fabric.
  • Results may vary with fabric, temperature of dye bath and duration. Always test first.
  • Dye bath is safe to pour down drain/septic systems.
  • Detailed instructions included and also available online.
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