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Micro Activism: How You Can Make a Difference in the World (Without a Bullhorn)

Micro Activism: How You Can Make a Difference in the World (Without a Bullhorn)

In this age of activism, many people who don't necessarily want to lead a movement or join a protest march are left wondering, "How can I make an impact?"

In Micro Activism, former political consultant turned activism coach Omkari Williams shares her expertise in empowering introverts and highly sensitive people to help others find the activist roles that will be most satisfying and effective for them. Using Williams's Activist Archetype tool, readers discover their unique strengths and use this to develop a personal activism vision and game plan for making a difference.

To ensure sustainable involvement, Williams encourages starting small, working collaboratively, and beginning locally. Advice on self-care practices, burn-out prevention, and profiles of activists engaged in a range of activities and causes (from voter registration to craftivism, literacy programs, community gardens, and more) provide readers with the inspiration and practical know-how needed to engage in and commit to small, doable actions that will make a big impact in the long-term.

“The truth is, while we’re fretting over who is or is not worthy of being called an activist, we are forgetting that activism is a verb not a noun. It is a practice not a title. As Omkari Williams brilliantly lays out in this book, activism is about doing the deep and devoted work of life-long change-making. Activism means taking consistent action on the social causes that are most important to you.

For our activism to be consistent, it must also be sustainable. As in, for a lifetime not just a season. And for it to be sustainable it has to make sense in the context of who we are, what our lives looks like, what we’re skilled at, what inspires us, and what our capacity is. It all starts with us—that is one of the first things I learned from Omkari Williams.”

~ Layla F. Saad Bestselling author of Me and White Supremacy

"[A] useful guide to micro activism ... Readers will conclude, along with the author, that micro actions are mighty."―Booklist

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