A fond farewell to the "class test dummies"

As I finalize the real class schedule for spring and summer 2020, let us pause to appreciate the service of the stunt doubles who filled in during the web development phase...



If your resident feline has been throwing hissy fits about the lack of couture in their closet, look no further. In one evening, we'll show you how to style your furry friend for this season's hottest trends as well as timeless, classic looks that won't break your budget (completely). 


Knit a Sweater for Ryan Gosling


We heard that Baby Goose was a little chilly this winter. Join us for a Saturday morning KAL of the Bowline Sweater by Tin Can Knits. Our fearless leader will be on hand to help you work through any snags. 


Stitch, Please


An evening of Good Place-themed cross stitch. Choose from three patterns: Jeremy Bearimy, Holy Motherforking Shirtballs, or Welcome! Everything is fine.


Sadly, you won't find these in the final draft of the workshop lineup, but they served a noble purpose as placeholderes. Feeling inspired? Drop us a line and let us know what kinds of classes you'd like to take at Handiwork.

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