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Baby bibs

Baby bibs

From Studio Vrylena:

"Don't tell the babies, but I love them despite their grossness, and I have very warm and fuzzy feelings about these little bibs. I refined this bib design over many years of having small children in my life and then having my own kids -- adding and tweaking the pocket, adding the third layer of fabric, replacing Velcro with snaps, etc -- to make the bib more functional and longer-lasting. Do I love babies? I do! I myself made two of them! But facts are facts. Babies are disgusting. You're going to need a bib. And maybe a damp cloth."

100% cotton triple layer baby bibs with pocket and snap closure, made with remnant and upcycled fabrics. Wash and dry with your regular laundry. From personal experience I would not recommend leaving a dirty bib crumpled in the bottom of the daycare bag for a week.

Fun fact: like most snails or birch trees, baby bibs are neither male nor female! Some bibs have pink, some bibs have blue. Some have both! Some have neither. They are all intended for babies of all sexes.


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