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Modern Crewel Embroidery

Modern Crewel Embroidery

Reinvent crewel embroidery with colourful wool and cheerful designs that are sure to brighten any home. Jo Avery invites stitchers of all abilities to take on this traditional heritage art and make projects that pop! 15 fresh designs breathe new life into traditional crewelwork embroidery. Includes projects such as pincushions, pillows, wall hangings, hoops and more.

Embroiderers, cross-stitchers, and curious crafters looking to expand their skill set will enjoy the range of hand stitches and instructional illustrations accompanying each design. This hands-on art form is known for being relaxing and you’ll be able to unwind in no time with Modern Crewel Embroidery.

"My modern approach to crewel embroidery offers a range of sampler designs which are perfect for mindful stitching. Create beautiful and useful projects, learn some new stitches and have fun colouring-in with thread!"

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