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Studio Vrylena butterfly greeting cards

Studio Vrylena butterfly greeting cards

From our Deering Center neighbor who rode out the early days of the pandemic in Paris with her family while her spouse was on assignment there:

All greeting cards are based on watercolor paintings, made during the first COVID confinement [the French term for lockdown] in spring 2020. 

The butterfly cards are based on a set of drawings/paintings my four-year-old and I made together during the first COVID confinement. In those anxious months, I desperately needed the things that making art gives me -- the focus and clarity and sense of myself -- and I also found it almost impossible to make art. 

I decided at one point to work on a set of drawings that I could paint, like watercolor coloring pages. I set up at the dining room table. My son decided he wanted to work on it with me. It seemed like it could go poorly.

But it didn't! And his contributions made a work that was surprising and joyful during an otherwise difficult time.

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