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Original embroidery art

Original embroidery art

On foot and by bicycle, Tree scans the streets of greater Portland for lost and tossed items — keys, springs, toys, disposable straws, and all manner of roadside debris. Using thrifted hoops and fabrics, wire, many types of thread, and unwanted jewelry donated by friends, she stitches them onto fabric to create new narratives for the repurposed objects. No glue or adhesives involved!

Through hand embroidery skills that she learned from her grandmothers and mother, Tree creates poignant, humorous, and insightful art that is a reflection of the environment we live in.  Her work is a thoughtful, joyous marriage of color and texture.

All pieces are original RoadTrashCritters designs, hand stitched by Tree, and must be seen in person to be fully appreciated.

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